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Denver 3-Night Run To Be Webcast →

Tour comes to what should be a glorious conclusion next weekend in Denver. If you can’t make it, at least get your couch tour on. Also, this marks the first Phish tour where more shows than not will have aired via webcast. Pretty awesome!

Live Phish Webcast Tonight: Oak Mountain →

Do it up. Should be a great show at a wonderful venue in the south. Also, anyone feeling that all 3 nights of Dicks are bound for a webcast again? If so, this will go down as the first Phish tour to have more shows (7) available for live viewing than not (6). Hard to believe there was a time when you couldn’t watch Phish live across the country from your living room.

Celebrate the nation’s independence by watching The Phish From Vermont blow up a little part of it for two nights. The boys announced today that they will webcast the Jones Beach shows on July 3 and 4 for your viewing pleasure. (Click on the photo of said venue to purchase.)

Will we get We’re an American Band? Born in the USA? American Girl? Living in America? Party in the USA? Neil Diamond’s America? The possibilities are endless!

America! Fuck yeah!


The run can be pre-ordered here for $25. Individual nights are $15 each.

(On a personal note, this makes me even happier to have tickets to these two nights. You know they’ll rip it up with the unblinking Internet eye on them. Maybe I’ll finally get my Spock’s Brain.)