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Phish - Tweezer
10.27.13 - XL Center, Hartford, CT

Tahoe Tweezer (24 min -> Tela)

2:59 is where my permagrin kicked in and didn’t leave for at least the next 24 hours. Goddamn I love this band!

Phish - Tweezer > Sand
7.6.13 - SPAC, Saratoga Springs, NY

Phish - Tweezer > Maze
12.28.12 - Madison Square Garden, NY, NY

This Tweezer is one of the most redonkulous I’ve seeen, especially from the 15 minute mark on. HOSE. 

Bieber Mindfuck 2K12 Continues: 2001 > Bieber With A Tweezer

Phish - Tweezer > Twist > Wading In The Velvet Sea
8.17.12 - Bill Graham Civic Auditorium

Tweezer weirdness.

Phish - Tweezer
6.20.12 - nTelos Pavilion, Portsmouth, VA

Can we just talk about Trey’s modified Tweezer riff at 4:29 and the astounded FUCK YEAH look Fishman gives him a few seconds later? While we’re at it let’s talk about how ripping this Tweezer is, and how badass the lights are for it…


Phish - “Tweezer”
12.29.09 - American Airlines Arena, Miami, FL

Phish saves the best for last this year, with this nasty groove monster. Complete with a Dizzy Gillespie “Manteca” jam, the funk piles on before teasing “What’s The Use” at the end. Viva la Phish in Miami!