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These photos, the mp3s, the webcast rips… none of it quite does Phish’s NYE run justice, though Chris Kuroda’s lighting did have a variety about that seemed to fit the context of each set quite well. It almost felt as though CK5 tried to deliver 30 years of lights over the course of the MSG run through his various schemes and patterns. On New Year’s Eve the stripped down bar-like lighting perfectly captured the spirit of the truck set. Vintage equipment, a 1991 setlist that never was, and the imagination of the idea itself… it felt more like Christmas than New Year’s. Behind the whole weekend was a genuineness, a candidness, a display of all the bare essentials that make up the Phish experiences.

And even when it felt like the band was holding back a bit musically, it was overcome by the sentiment and love present in this year’s NYE. It wasn’t just another NYE run, this was a celebration of all that the band and we have put into making this community what it is today. They cared about these shows so much, and there was indeed a message: Love. Love it all. This thing we have is so incredibly special and you can’t take it for granted.

The 30 year anniversary video played during set break on 12/31/13.

Phish - Wolfman’s Brother -> Littler Drummer Boy -> Wolfman’s Brother
12.28.12 - Madison Square Garden, NY, NY

Can we just take a moment to reflect on how awesome this version of Wolfman’s is? As well as how sick this NYE run in just 18 days will be?! YESSSS!

“I would go down on this run in a Bonnaroo Port-O-Potty. That’s how undeniable it will be.”

Louis, the newest member of FYP, on what (who?) will be going down December 28-31.

Welcome Louis. As you can tell he is a dedicated phan.

Phish - Punch You In The Eye
12.31.95 - Madison Square Garden, NY, NY

How about a little MSG Time Machine action from now until next Wednesday?