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The 30 year anniversary video played during set break on 12/31/13.

Phish - Twenty Years Later
10.29.13 - Santander Arena, Reading, PA

Not even up for debate, this is the best version of Twenty Years Later ever played.

Two years ago (today) from Merriweather. 

One month and one day from now, I’ll be back there again!

Who else is going?

Phish - 6/20/95 Blossom Music Center, Cuyahoga Falls, OH →

A pretty tasty release, with one of the best choices for filler ever (Fleezer!!)

Hard to believe it’s already been three years since Ocho. I’ll never forget this badass video that lead to Phish walking on stage to perform Exile.

Phish - "Rock and Roll"

Phish - Rock And Roll
12.31.99 - Big Cypress 

Celebrate or mourn your NYE ticketing outcome with this epic 32+ min RnR


Gordon, Russo, Anastasio & Benevento - Who Are You?
7.14.06 - Allgood Festival, Marvin’s Mountaintop, WV

Whooooo are you?! Just one of the nastiest supergroups ever formed. 

I’ll tell you what, while this may not be Phish, there’s something to be said for coming on stage and dropping a sick 26 minute version of Who Are You? to open up your headlining festival set. Definitely one of the most memorable openers I’ve ever seen from any band.

Phish - Limb By Limb
12.3.99 - Cincinnati, OH

So last night’s LxL obtained liftoff, and is an instant classic, but how about this one from ‘99? Holy shit. 


8.19.12 Phish - Sneakin’ Sally Through the Alley*

*with Streets of Cario and Crosseyed & Painless teases.

The whipped cream on top of the BGCA Sunday.