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Phish - Carini
10.31.13 - Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City, NJ


Phish Bader Field print by DKNG

Here’s the full thing. Pretty sweet, though I was hoping for a Snooki, Pauly D and the Situation triptych.

Jersey Shore’d.

Bader Field poster for night 1. New poster every day.

Rage that shit tonight.

Re: Bader Field Shows

gamehendgehero asks:

Has there been any word on how Bader Field is going to play out? Is it just 3 normal shows, or will there be 3 sets on one (or more) of the days? 

The short answer is no. We’re still two months out and the band hasn’t detailed how the shows in Atlantic City at Bader Field will work. Presumably, if the band wants, both Saturday and Sunday could be three set shows beginning in the early afternoon and concluding in the evening. On the other hand, while there is a special website devoted to the three nights indicating many similarities to a festival, it doesn’t appear this will operate quite like a festival.

With Phish we have come to expect the unexpected, so I think there’s still a prime opportunity for the band to utilize the unique venue - located in a city that has proven a great host for spirited celebration of the band and community - for some impressive musical memories.

Atlantic City Major All But Confirms Phish Festival in June →

Skim to 16:50 in the video, and the mayor discusses two jamband music festivals in June. FYP recommends doing what we did and booking your hotels for June 15-17 if you want to beat the masses (and increasing prices).

Word Sound and Power: Halloween Party Crashing →


I wanted to share a tale of careful planning, music, and most of all hope. It’s not heart warming or particularly interesting, there’s no gun chases or broken hearts or anything- but, well- you might learn something from it.

So as you know my love for the band Phish has never waned- not true. I…

This is a great tale of how two fans made it into Halloween.

Phish - Spanish Moon
10.31.10 - Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City, NJ 

I can’t get enough of this.  Regular Rotation starting 12.27, alright?