Phish - "9.14.11 Essex Junction Soundcheck"

Phish - 9.14.11 Essex Junction Soundcheck

Jam (13:00)
Midnight Confessions
Ginseng Sullivan
Silent Night (on Theremin)
“Too Much Fried Dough at the Fair” ->
Peaches en Regalia
Cannonball tease
Jam (6:00)

Some gems from the soundcheck:

  • Trey discussing tripping balls on Christmas morning
  • Trey mentions that the vacuum and theremin sound the exact same, and they should do a duet. Page says, “good idea.”
  • Jam #1. Where the hell is this at shows? As Gordo said when it finished, “Please email that to me.” Seriously. So disgusting. Let it rip like this, gentlemen!

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